Zahra Software is a professional data solutions company based in Durban

We provide custom solutions to your business needs. We strive to provide innovative and affordable software for any industry.


Our exceptional personalised service and support will keep your business on track. We consider our clients our partners, which helps to stimulate an atmosphere of mutual growth. This philosophy drives us to contribute extensively in every aspect of project development. We take pride in each client's success through the services we provided to them.


We strive to make your job easier by simplifying the way you process your information. This in turn leads to improved business performance and ultimately increased profits.


We ensure to deliver superior quality solutions to our clients as this carries great importance to the growth of their business.

Innovative Solutions

Automating the way you do business to improve productivity and giving you access to your data allowing you to make the best possible business decisions.

Have access to you data anytime, anyplace

Reporting tools that work for your specific business needs

Having access to your data anytime, any place gives you the freedom to work whenever and wherever you need to. Our custom built web portals have secure login capabilities with multiple user levels so you can give access to specific areas of data to your staff whether they are in the office or off-site.

Custom built reports are made available online so you can have the information you need to make important business decisions wherever you are.

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Zahra Software is a software house based in Durban. Our dynamic team of freelance developers have a variety of skills which together give us the ability to deliver top quality products.

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